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Product Name H-Type Double Knuckle Press
Series Mechanical Press
Product Description

H-Type Double Knuckle Press

■ Knuckle press machine manufactures top quality and high accuracy product. Also, it is suitable for high accuracy forming by compression and embossing, coining, sizing, extrusion(front/backward), forging for medium and thick plate process.
 The machine has toggle joint link tools on slide driving part. The tools make the velocity of bottom dead point slowing down. The difference of velocity cycle increases the accuracy and quality.

■ This H-type press machine absorbs most of vibration and impact, and it solves the front part deformation problem basically that usually occurs at C-type or Semi H-type press machine.

■ This double knuckle type has 2EA of pressure support point, 2EA of flanger guide and 6EA of wide surface guide. So, it is free from eccentricity. Also, It is able to high pressure and ultraprecision process.

■ The machine has huge work space, so the productivity is increased. And it is able to all kind of process(such as drawing, blanking, piercing process and etc.)

■ The high stiffness frame reduces vibration and absorbs impact rapidly. So, this frame structure extends the longevity of die set and the machine, and the machine produces extremely high accuracy of products.  

SAMHO PRESS H-Type Double Knuckle Press

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