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Product Name CAM Feeder
Model SUCF
Series Precision Feeder Series
Product Description

The characteristics of Feeder SUCF

  • Manufacturing speed of connector, terminal and switch

    - Manufacturing speed : 1300spm

    - Product pitch/speed : 25m/min

    - Feeding degree of precision : ±0.025mm

  • Improved the degree of precision in material transfer (adjustment of material transfer timing, less cam abrasion)
  • Decreased cam noise (up/down movement within stopped section (70°-110°))
  • Easy to control the angle in material transfer section


Feeder UCF Specification

transfer lengthmm0 ~ 60
material thickness mm0.02 ~ 2
material widthmm8 ~ 60
transfer speedm/min10
ideal angledeg.180
repetitive degree of precision mm


maximum speedspm1000
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