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Product Name High Speed Precision Press
Model SF1, SF1-60
Series Multi-Functional Press
Product Description

The characteristics of SF1-60

  • High productivity

    - It is possible to prepare for next process faster by making preparation process speed faster and molding process speed slower in precision part manufacturing

    - It is possible to adopt automation device, progressive manufacturing with long feed pitch or robot by making transfer time (standby time) longer

  • High degree of precision

    - Bottom dead point degree of precision is always kept at 5 micron by adopting special devices developed by Samdo Press

    - Realized 1 micron bottom dead point degree of precision by feedback control of servo motor through linear scale

  • Low noise

    - Noise generated during driving power connection has been removed by not using clutch break

    - It is possible to decrease noise while keeping productivity since servo press can make only the moment of product punching to work at low speed

  • Varying the stroke length

    - Product with complex manufacturing requirement can be easily manufactured by varying stroke

  • Control molding speed to fit with product requiring difficult manufacturing

    - Since molding speed can be controlled, high precision manufacturing by bottom dead point stop and complex manufacturing while stopped have been realized


SF1-60 Specification

  Item unitSF1 - 60
Capacity TON 60
Stroke mm 60
S. P. M S.P.M 50 ~ 150
Die Height mm 300
Slide Adjustment mm 50
Slide Area mm 520 x 310
Bolster Area mm 860 x 520 
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