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Product Name Manual Turn Table
Model MUT Series
Series NC Rotary Table
Catalog MUT Series.pdf MUT Series.pdf
Product Description

MUT series

Manual Turn Table

High Accuracy by Special Curvic Coupling
Easy to Heavy cutting and boring, Powerful clampingBody



Table Dia. [mm]   Ø600
Center-Hole Dia. [mm]   Ø40
Rounded Corners [mm]   Ø794
Height [mm]   200
Driving Method     Pneumatic 7kg/cm²
Allowable Work Inertia [kgm²]   90
Clamp Capacity [kgf]   3200
Width of T-slot [mm]   20H7
Indexing Accuracy [sec]   6
Min. Increment [deg.]   1 or 5

SAMCHULLY Manual Turn Table MUT Series

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