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Product Name Check Weigher
Model NWC 3000-100-300, NWC 3000-120-300, NWC 3000-150-600, NWC 3000-180-600, NWC 3000-200-1200, NWC 3000-250-1200, NWC 3000-300-3000, NWC 3000-360-6000, NWC 3000-380-20000, NWC 3000-480-20000, NWC 3000-580-40000, NWC 3000-680-60000
Product Description


NWC3000 Series auto check weigher has been developed to satisfy the strictest production requirements, providing ease of operation, flexibility, hygiene, high-speed processing and optimum accuracy by

measuring product weight quickly and precisely - rejecting "out of tolerance".

Full color touch screen (10 inch TFT LCD) is easy to see and offers a simple user-friendly menus together with various conveneint functions.

The unique modular design allows easy on-site adjustment for installation and remarkable accesibility for maintenance which enables minimal downtime.


> Relay (5A) / 1A1B 2EA, DC24V SOL, AC220V 0.2A

Power Supply

> Single Phase (110 to 220V) & Three Phase (220 to 380V and etc.,)

> Free Cycle (50/60Hz)

> Fuse (3A)

Operating Temperature

> 0℃ to 50℃

(advised to use the machine under normal temperature)

Main Features

Full Color TFT LCD Touch Screen (10 inch TFT LCD)

> An intuitive and convenient full color touch screen, containing regional languages and user manual

Digital Signal Processing Senosr (32 Byte Microprocessor)

> Greater accuracy at high speeds can be obtained using 32 byte microprocessor which allows filter characteristics to be set automatically.

Dynamic Calibration

> Dynamic calibration displays correct weight if there is discrepancy between the ready status and operational weight displays.

Auto/Manual Zero Adjust

> Zero adjustment can be performed by the operator before start-up or product changeover. Also, Automatic Zero adjustment is programmed to occur at regular intervals during production.

Built-in Temperature Change and Noise Compensation Circuit

3 Kinds of User Level Passwords

> 3 Kinds of User Levels (Operator, Quality Manager & Engineer Menu) can be set depending on possible operational functions.

3 Kinds of Operating Screens

> 3 Kinds of Operating Screens (Basic, Graph & Simple Screens) are provided depending on user taste.

No More Paper Manual Book

> On-the go user manual on the screen guides the operator through necessary set-up and operational procedure on each stage.

Selectable Conveyor Belt Type

> Either plastic chain belt or urethae belt can be selected for applicatioin

Easy Product Record Statistic Function

Internal Memory and USB Disk Backup / Recovery

Display & IOB Board Firmware Update

Optional Features

External printer

> An external printer can be installed to the control unit. Preset parameter data and various performance data can be recorded and printed.

Feedback Control (RS232C / 485 Ports & Dry Contact Signal)

> Corrective control signals from the checkweigher to an upstream auger filler improve production efficiency.

Metal Detector

> A high-efficiency metal detector can be easily added to provide an extra measure of safety and quality assurance.

Communiation Interfaces

> Communication interfaces with a host computer or other external devices are available to help optimize your production line's performance.

Wash Down for Conveyor

Water Proof Motors and Stainless Steel Rollers are used for water proof.

Movie Clip

Check Weigher for Instant Noodle

Check Weigher with Pusher on Roller for Coca Cola Glass Plastic Bottles

High Speed Check Weigher for Pharma

Check Weigher for Multi Grader

Multi Lane Check Weigher for 4 Lanes

Check Weigher for Pharma Sachet 6 Lanes



General Food
(Instant Food, Cookie/Bread, Kimchi, Vegetable, Tofu and etc.)

(Frozen/Refrigerated Meat, Other processed Meat and etc.)

Sea Food
(Frozen/Refrigerated Sea Food, Dried Fish and etc.)

Pharmaceutical Industry
(Tablet/Capsule, Granules, Powder and etc.)

General Industry
(Rubber, Timber, Plastic, Chemical Resin, Raw Material Recycling and etc.)

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