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Established in 1966, our company has contributed to all aspects of industriesby "VACUUM" technology development up now.
Currently we are producing equipments such as diffusion pump(2"~22") Vacuum valve, oil purifiers system, vacuum furnace, vacuum dry machine, sputtering system, vacuum-impregnation system, vacuum coater equipment vacuum chamber, and so on.

Therse equipment are used for semiconductors, new materials development, electronix parts and foods in all the areas of industries covering research institutes, major companies, and small & middle companies.

Our staffs are all experts in the vacuum area, and they have been working into new areas, making all their efforts to have the dreams come true.

Nowadays, protectionism to protect one`s own country is begin collapsed all over the world, and a single market system without national boundaries is begin established.

Together with this, technology protectionism proves that only self-development of technology ability can survive.

The company, Noah Tec-Tra Co.,Ltd will challenge the unlimited competition of the 21stcentury endlessly and will open the new technology era with new creativity and attempt.

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