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Product Name
Model MJMM
Series Rotary Joint
Product Description

MULTIS HYDRO MJM Series is particularly designed as continuous-casting purpose for steel rollers especially under high temperature and harsh environment. The body part is made of stainless steel for the high temperature and durability, and designed to reduce the rotary torque of the rotary joints by the pressure falling through the labyrinth structure. Double-structured seal guarantees the longevity by the lubricant and Bush-Bearing, which is specially made of non-lubricant material, and also guarantees the longevity even under the heavy weight and vibration. MJM Series, which has been recognized in an efficiency-test that its longevity is over two times longer than that of a famous foreign product, promises you cost reduction. This product is patent held item by our company. 


Standard Size -
Fluid Industrial Water
Max. Pressure 30 kgf/cm²
Max. Temperature 120 °C
Max. Rotating Speed 100 RPM