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Since its establishment in 1999, Motech Vacuum has given impectus to develop Vacuum Motion Unit for Vacuum / Semiconductor / Display industries. We strive for customer satisfaction through having unyielding quality control and customer centered management as our company mission.

-UHV Vacuum Motion Unit

-Rotary Motion
-Linear Motion
-Magnetic Transporter
-Single Axis Z motion
-X,Y Manipulator
-X,Y,Z Manipulator

-Industrial Display Vacuum System

-PDP vacuum Exhaust system
-PDP fluorescence analysis system
-FED brightness analysis system
-PDP Residual Gas Analysis system
-VFD/CRT Residual Gas Analysis system
-Gauge Calibration system
-E-Beam Evaporator
-Thermal Evaporator
-Sputter System

-Ferro Fluid Feedthrough

-Electrical Feedthrough

Motech Vacuum advocates management that prepares for the future with the customer. If it has to do with Vacuum / Vacuum Motion, consult with Motech Vacuum.


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