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Product Name Motion Interface Unit
Model SOMFY-1822067
Series Others System
Catalog Equipment Overview & Function.pdf
Product Description

1. Description 

○ This Interface Unit is to control electron motion system such as Electronic 
    screen, Electronic Elevation, and electronic Cover Board.

○ It is connected to Main control Unit (MMCU-100S, 150S, 200S, 250S, 300S) for 
    Remote Control Operation.

○ A controller is available for current detection. Lamp and LED switch for overload 
    detection. They are associated with self control motor function and group 
    relay box. 

2. Panel Drawing

Max Digital Tech Motion Interface Unit SOMFY-1822067


3. Specification 

○ General Part
  - Input Voltage : AC 220V 60Hz   
  - DC 24V Lamp Switch  
  - Fuse : 250v 3.15A 
  - Relay Contact Capacity : AC 250V ,10A 
  - Over Load Function Selection Switch 
  - Motor Extent : 70 - 450W 

○ Case Part
  - Dimensions : 80(W) * 140(H) * 50(D) mm

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