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Product Name IR Control Unit
Model MIRC-400
Series MDTC Control System
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Product Description

1. Description 

○ This IR Control Unit works one-way communication with Infrared Sensor
    Controlled Devices. 

○ And converts alarm signals (DRY CONTACT RELAY input (+24V)) to communicable

○ Enables to control maximum four controlled units.

○ It is used for many infrared controlled devices such as VTR/DVD Combo, Deck, 
    CD Player, PDP, LCD TV etc.

○ It is extended for Main Control Unit and IR Control Devices while can receive
    Alarm Input (Dry Contract Relay (+24V))  

2. Panel Drawing

Max Digital Tech IR Control Unit MIRC-400


3. Specification 

○ General Part
  - IR Control port : 4 Port (IR and Serial Control)
  - Dry Contact port :  Dry Contact Relay 4 Port
  - CPU : 80C52
  - Memory : 32K 

○ Remote Control Part
  - Serial control : 1 RS-232, D-sub 9pin connector

○ Case & Power Part
  - Power source : DC 9V 1A(Power Adaptor)
  - Temperature : 0℃ ~ 40℃ 
  - Type : 19” Rack Type
  - Dimensions : 150(W) * 30(H) * 104(D) mm

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