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Product Name Main Control Unit
Model MMCU-300S
Series MDTC Control System
Catalog Equipment Overview & Function.pdf
Product Description

1. Description 

○ Main control unit is a card type control device for large capacity equipment.  

○ Connected with various devices it controls the operating program or key pad.

○ It is composed of main self which CPU and power supply are allocated. Each
    card unit works as communication control (RS-232C/ RS-422), input/output,
    volume up/down and IR control.  

○ Maximum 11 cards can be installed in main shelf and it can be composed by
    expanding shelves.

○ Major controlled device and remote controlled status can be viewed with 
    RUN / TX / RX LED and each inserted card from the LED.
○ Cards from main shelf can be replaced any moment if necessary, so it is 
    possible to provide fast after sales service. 

2. Panel Drawing

Max Digital Tech Main Control Unit MMCU-300S


3. Specification 

○ Main Shelf 【MMCU-301MAIN】
  - Main Shelf  (1) Board Rear Insert Type
                       (2) Number of Card : 11EA Card
                       (3) Case
                         . Enclosure Type : Aluminum
                         . Type : 19" Rack Type
                         . Dimensions : 483(W) * 133.5(H) * 300(D) mm  
  - Power Supply (1) Supply power to each card which is inserted into
                           (2) Input Power : AC 85V ~ 246V Free Volt
                           (3) Output Power : DC +12V, DC -12V  
  - CPU (1) CPU card takes data from MCU-301Main and processes to
                  manage MCU-300S comprehensively.
            (2) Features : Communicate between cards in MCU-301main
               . CPU : 80C52
               . Memory : 32K
               . Serial Port : RS-232 (RS-422: need to be adjusted) 2 Port
               . 2Port의 Serial Port (integrated control by computer and key pad,
                                                enable to be linked with additional devices)
            (3) MCU-301Main Front Led Display  

○ Com Card 【MMCU-302COM】
    Interface device between main unit and external communication devices 
    which takes data from
    CPU card and transmits to the specific port.
  -  Features (1) Serial port : RS 232C 3 port (RS-422: need to be adjusted)
                          D-SUB connector with 3 each card is available at rear panel
                          (extension slot available)
                    (2) CPU : 80C52
                    (3) Memory : 32K
                    (4) additional card available for extension  

○ Input Card 【MMCU-303IN】 
   Transmission card which takes specific data of contact, sensor, power and
   sends to CPU card. 
  -  Features (1) number of contact point : 16Port
                     (2) additional card available for extension
                     (3) CPU : 89C52

○ Output Card 【MMCU-304OUT】 
    Transmission card which takes data from CPU and sends to specific external
    devices via contact point.
  -  Features (1) number of contact point : 9Port
                    (2) additional card available for extension
                    (3) output power : DC 24V 1A 

○ IR Card 【MMCU-305IR】 
    control card for devices which are operated by remote controller such as
  - Features (1) IR Port : 4 Port (IR and Serial Control)
                    (2) additional card available for extension
                    (3) CPU : 80C52

○ Volume Card 【MMCU-306VR】 
  -Volume control card adjusts the level of volume for remote controlled devices
    by connecting amplifier.
  -Controls the level of volume via touch screen(operating software) or key pad by
    taking data from main control CPU. 
  - Features (1) number of volume control port : 3port (M : 1ch, ST : 2ch)
                    (2) additional card available for extension of control channel
                    (3) CPU : 89C52

○ LAN Card 【MMCU-307LAN】
    LAN card enables to manage MCU-300S generally. It receives card data and
   -  Features : (1) CPU: 89C52
                        (2) Memory : 32K
                        (3) Serial Port : RS-232 (or RS-422 Setting) 2 Port
                        (4) 2 Port의 Serial Port (1Port 232 / 1Port )
                        (5) Protocol : TCP/UDP/IP/ICMP/ARP/TELNET/DHCP
                        (6) Lan : 10Base-T Ethernet

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