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Product Name Spine Rehabilitation Trainer
Model 3DBT-73
Series Medical Equipment
Product Description


- Patient who needs spinal rehabilitation 

Product use

- Rehabilitation therapy designed to optimize spinal rehabilitation by evaluating the function of spinal rehabilitation patients 

- A new concept spinal rehabilitation device that can perform active spinal rehabilitation training by measuring the degree of injury (rehabilitation) of the spine and setting the game

- Games can be fun to train, and accumulated data to determine the status of the body's improvement .

Product Features 

- Balance trainer combining medical patent and IT technology 
- Medical rehabilitation trainer 
- Active exercise by patient's will 
- A rehabilitated trainer with short time use 
- Stability-conscious design 

Product Functions

- Assessment of patient's spinal rehabilitation status 
- Initial data setting function 
- Detect horizontal and vertical movements of the body and connect to the game 
- Cumulative data recording function displaying training effect 
- Ability to set training level according to personal status 


Spine Rehabilitation Training Contents [3DBT-73]

- Through various training contents, patients can enjoy training.

Man & Tel Spine Rehabilitation Trainer 3DBT-73

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