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Product Name Sliding Balance Trainer
Model 3DBT-81
Series Medical Equipment
Product Description


- patient who needs low limb training in the bed 


Product use

- It is a rehabilitation training device that is designed to perform strength training for patients who can not sit or stand and rehabilitate. It is a training function to measure the difference between the left and right load and the vertical load to improve the leg strength of the patient after grasping the condition of the patient, and the improvement status of the body can be grasped by accumulated data for a long period of time. 

 All training is made up of games that can increase the effectiveness of the treatment because the patient is fun and active. The 3DBT-81 model combines games from the existing simple sliding table functions, allowing the patient to set an objective through the game and to perform active training to raise the level one step at a time. 3DBT-81 is an improved rehabilitation device to maximize the strengthening effect of leg strength. .



- Max usable weight : 140kg
- Up & Down length : Max 70cm
- Monitor : Touch screen 
- Electricity : AC 220V 
- Frequency : 50~60Hz 
- Adapter : AC 220V in / DC 12V out 
- Dimension : (W) 1,350mm * (D) 850mm * (H) 2,000mm (±10%)


Sliding Table Lower Limb Training Contents [3DBT-81]

- Through various training contents, patients can enjoy training.

Man & Tel Sliding Balance Trainer 3DBT-81

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