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Product Name Power Supply Unit
Model SA-132, SA-250, SA-520, SA-960
Series Power control Div.
Catalog Catalog-Luxco-Power Supply Unit.pdf
Product Description

Output Voltage

The power supply unit is a device to convert the AC power to DC power.

It supplies DC 24V power by converting the single/three phase AC power, and can be used for whole industry.

As special features, it can supply constant power by using battery in case of AC black-out.

For user's convenience, the status of input/output is displayed on the front side of the unit.


SA-132AC220V 1PH 60HzDC24V 5.5AW163 X H225 X D130INTERIOR
SA-250AC440V 3PH 60HzDC24V 10AW180 X H250 X D170INTERIOR
SA-520AC440V 3PH 60HzDC24V 20AW180 X H300 X D180INTERIOR
SA-960AC220V 3PH 60HzDC24V 40AW204 X H310 X D160EXTERIOR
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