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Product Name AC System (Ground Monitor)
Model SBAG-102, SBAG-202, SBAG-402, SBAG-102A, SBAG-202A, SBAG-402A, ISA690A1, ISA690A2, ISA690A4, SBAG-102M, SBAG-202M, SBAG-402M, SBAG-102MA, SBAG-202MA, SBAG-402MA
Series Power control Div.
Catalog Catalog-Luxco-Ground Monitor.pdf
Product Description

Ground Monitor For AC System

Type approval : GL, KR

Detection Line Voltage : 0 ~ 690 Vac

The ground monitor of SBAG( ISA ) SERIES, as a device to monitor the insulation level of non-grounded AC electrical system, is used for the system to prevent the damage or accidents occurred in power electronic devices and equipments due to the poor insulation on the power line.

Insulation status can be always measured by these Series whether the status is in conducting state or non-conducting state and these Series are used to prevent the problem caused by low insulation level by generating the alarm in such case that the insulation level drops below the predetermined value.

The size of case is classified into two kinds and can be selected according to the space of mounting place of the enclosure. As special features, the exterior materials have high insulation level, light weight, fire retardant, shock resistant and chemical resistant characteristics to endure the harsh environment such as shipyard, power plant, steelworks, petrochemical complex and water power plant etc..

※ For details, please refer to the catalog data.

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