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Product Name Rewinder
Model KNRD-1/2/3
Series Products
Product Description


ㆍPrevention of deformation and scratches of materials in case of hanging and rolling of precise electronic components such as lead frame, connector terminal, etc.
ㆍAutomatic guide roller / automatic cutting / counter
ㆍSoft structure with PLC/touch screen
ㆍEasy workability through simple operation
ㆍUsed for various products according to simple adjustment of Bobbin width


모델 Model KNRD-1 KNRD-2 KNRD-3
롤 설치수 Number of roll installation 1열 2열 3열
롤 외경 Diameter of rollØ 600
롤 최대 중량 Maximum weight of rollkg 20
롤 회전수 Rotation of roll회/min 3~28
모터 Motorkw×p 0.2×4
전원 Power A (220V 3Ø 50/60Hz)