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Product Name S-Blade Fans
Model ASF-304, ASF-404, ASF-504, ASF-506, ASF-604, ASF-606, ASF-704, ASF-706, ASF-804, ASF-806, ASF-906
Series Single Inlet
Catalog S-BLADE FANS.pdf
Product Description
  • Incomplete state (surging area) minimized and use of range expanded by maximizing the benefits of sirocco fan and turbo fan
  • Higher air volume and static pressure maintained relative to the capacity of other company-produced motors, and with lower power consumption, efficiency of the blower maximized (patent application)
  • Easy installation and handling by implmenting light-weighted die-cast aluminum motor
  • As a squared structure, no restrictions in place as to set up
  • High-efficiency motors applied for all the models and as an enclosed structure, outdoor installation possible
  • Various materials available such as in stainless, plastic, steel and etc.