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Product Name Sirocco Impellers (Forward Curved)
Model ASC/ASP/ASR-Series
Series Impeller
Catalog OTHER FANS.pdf
Product Description

- Impellers with 20~64 blades, forward curved with narrow width used for air- conditioning purpose
- Fan drive system divided into motor direct drive and V-belt drive
- Both single/ double inlet possible
- From the inlet viewpoint, rotation decided upon direction of clockwise or counter-clockwise

Technical Data

Conventional Type
- High air volume, High static pressure
- High speed R.P.M
- The material of impeller is aluminum(AL), Steel(GI)
Molding Type
- Low air volume Low static pressure
- Low speed R.P.M Low noise sound
- The wheel width is various and the material of impeller is aluminum(AL),Steel(GI)
Rolling Type
- High air volume Low static pressure
- The wheel width can be adjustable and efficiency is high
- The material of impeller is aluminum(AL),Steel(GI)

- Suitable for intake and exhaust for high-static pressure with low air flow
- Designed to generate high-efficiency at high-speed rotation with narrow width of the blade
- Generally used with pressure from 100mmAq to 1000mmAq
- Applied for industrial usages such as air carriers and boilers

Technical Data

Side plate Straight Type
- Used for small size and high pressure
- Suitable for high RPM
- Used for burner and boiler
Side Plate Taper Type
- Used for large size, high air volume and high pressure
- Used for carrying dust or foreign materials

- High air flow generated with low level of noise
- With narrow blade, long blast possible
- Applied in air curtain, film dryer, fan coil unit, air washer, air conditioning and heater