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Product Name Plug Fans
Model APF-50BL, APF-56BL
Series BLDC
Catalog PLUG FANS.pdf
Product Description
  • With the adoption of BLDC motor, control of rotating function enhanced and high efficiency ensured
  • With implementation of the specially made backward curve fan, designed to be used for HVAC (Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning) fans for high static pressure
  • Ultralight and excellent structural strength achieved by implementing light-weight aluminum
  • Various models available per capacity (0.2kw~2.2kw)
  • Internal and external control possible in the area of single-phase / three-phase (220v~480v available)
  • Through high-precision balance calibration, the level of noise and vibration lowered even at high speed rotation
  • Mounting structure and design adjustable in accordance to customer’s requirements