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Product Name Features
Series Metal Seated Ball Valve
Product Description

 High Hardness 
 High Temperature (~550℃ Norminal Temperature)
 High Pressure (#150~#2500)
 Abrasion-Resistant (Poly-silicon, Sand, Catalyst, Ash line)
 Corrosion-Resistant ( H2S,HCl,Hydrocarbon, Steam)
 Low Friction Factor
 Gas Obstacle

• Main components of Metal Seated Ball Valve specially manufactured with materials and engineering methods   exclusively developed by Kyung Duck Industry Co.,Ltd.
• This is a Ball Valve product with unprecedented effects against High Temperature, High Pr essure, Abrasion,   Corrosion. 
• This is a product of high Solidity that does not sustain damayes from cords, Sandpaper, Shock and heat   Shock.
• This Product can be used from several to tens of more times than other company's coating Ball Valve and is the   original function of valves lasts several times to several tens times depending on the used environment.
• It is completely sealed off above the Leakage Class ANSI VI. Moreover, the performance enhances over   usage.
• The KD VALVE has good performance , long drability , long operation life under service conditions of sever   abrasions from fluids containing Slurry, Catalyst, Sand.

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