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Product Name
Model EDM-DR
Series EDM (Electrical Discharge Machine)
Product Description

- Broken Tap Remover

- Pump Inside

- Pipe Electrode is available

- Portable


ㆍPump Inside 
ㆍCompact and portable EDM machine 
ㆍEasy and convenient operation 
ㆍWorkable in small space because power supply unit and head assembly are separated. 
ㆍUse any copper and brass rod as an electrode 
ㆍSuitable for use with any conductive material(aluminum, brass, copper, cast iron, stainless steel, etc. 
ㆍUse ordinary water as the dielectric fluid 
ㆍIt is possible to work very small drilling by adjusting output voltage. 
ㆍSafe drilling by specific EDM circuit 
ㆍRotating EDM head up, down, right and left. 

- Power Supply Unit : Weight(10Kg), Size : 290mm X 196mm X 355mm 
- EDM Head Assembly : Weight(6Kg), 57mm X 73mm X 358mm 
- Z axis stroke : 100mm /Input Voltage : AC1 220V -Electrode Holder(Chuck) : Max. 6.50mm 
- Dielectric Fluid : Normal Water 
- Electrode : Normal Copper or Brass Bar 

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