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Product Name
Model SD-1M
Series EDM (Electrical Discharge Machine)
Product Description


ㆍHigh drilling performance through any conductive material in cluding tungsten carbide, hardened steel, iron, copper and brass.
ㆍThe SD-1M opens small holes using hollow copper electrode diameter from Ø0.08mm to 4.0mm a high speed. (Maximum machining rate of 100mm/min.)
ㆍWith extremely low electrode wear(5~20%) in low wear machining, SD-1M delivers overwhelming cost effectiveness when compared to similar machines.
ㆍ0.00004˝(0.001mm) DRO resolution (Option).
ㆍVersatile, swiveling and swing head can easily open angled holes on flat, spherical and curved surfaces. It also works on work piece that is too large to be clamped on the worktable.
ㆍThe SD-1M provides an EDM machining operation with EDM oil, graphite solution and tap water etc. as dielectric fluids.
ㆍInch/metric conversion.
ㆍNEW - Electrode retraction value set function. Electrode change positioning function. 
ㆍAuto drill depth value compensation. 


1) Max. workpiece size(W x D x H) : 665mm×435mm×250mm
2) X, Y table stroke : 360mm×260mm
3) Z axis stroke : 250mm
4) Electrode guide travel distance : 270mm
5) Z axis rotation angle : 180degree
6) Z axis cross travel distance : 200mm
7) Z axis slant : ±90degree 
8) Usable electrode diameter : 0.08mm ~ 4.00mm
9) Usable electrode length : 200 ~ 350mm
10) Z axis increment : 0.01mm
11) Outside dimension(W×D×H) : 805mm×770mm×1982mm  
Power supply unit
1) Max. power input : 4KVA
2) Input voltage : AC 3phase 200 ~ 220V,50 ~ 60Hz
3) Max. Machining current : 40A 
Dielectric Fluid unit
1) Dielectric fluid : Distilled water or PARA-1B
2) Fluid capacity : 60 Liters  
Standard Accessories
1) Electrode guide : 0.50mm / 1.00mm each 1pc
2) Pipe electrode (Copper) : 0.50mm/1.00mm×300mm×20pcs
3) Tool box: 1 set
4) Instruction manual : 1 vol  

Optional accessories
1) Electrode guide : 0.10 ~ 4.00mm (in 0.10mm step)
2) Electrode pipe : 0.10 ~ 4.00mm(in 0.10mm step)
3) Special dielectric fluid : SPW, Drillvit, Certrex 1015  
Optional tooling
1) X, Y table readout (1/1000mm) : 350mm×250mm
2) Angle Display unit (Mutoh) : 5 / 100 degree  

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