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Product Name
Model EDB-435
Series EDM (Electrical Discharge Machine)
Product Description


Touch Screen(12.1”) based on Windows XP 
Create NC code from Auto CAD file(DWG/DXF) 
Automatic Compensation of Electrode   Compensation
Drill through any conductive(Tungsten Carbide,   Hardened Steel, Iron, cooper, Brass and etc.)
Make a smallest hole(φ0. 08mm ? φ4.00mm) 
Provide an EDM machining operation with oil   free carbon/water?based dielectric fluid 
Low wear rate, effective operation 
Just invest in manual but get a satisfaction to   CNC machine with EDB-435 


1) Max. workpiece size(W x D x H) : 720mm x 580mm x 270mm
2) Stroke : 410mm X 360mm 
3) Z axis stroke : 270mm
4) Electrode guide travel distance : 330mm
5) Usable electrode diameter : 0.08mm-4.00mm
6) Usable electrode length : 200mm-400mm
7) Outside dimension : 750mm x 900mm x 1810mm 
Power supply uniy
1) Max. power input : 4KVA
2) Input voltage : AC 3phase 200/220V 50/60Hz
3) Max. Machining current : 40A 
Dielectric fluid unit
1) Dielectric Fluid : Water/Graphite/EDM OIL
2) Fluid capacity : 20 Liters, 100/150/300 Liters (Option)  
CNC Control unit
1) Input System : LAN/USB/MDI
2) Display Type : 12.1” TFT LCD Color
3) Positioning Command System : Incremental/Absolute
4) Min. Input Increment : 0.001mm
5) Operating System : Windows XP 

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