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Product Name Particle Accelerator Magnet
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KR TECH has delivered the complete set of magnets, including steering(4sets), quadrupole(36sets) and sextupole(32sets) for the Chubu Synchrotron facility, Japan 2011. In addition, we delivered Quadrupole and Sextupole magnets for Synchrotron facility of Kanagawa Cancer Center, Japan 2013. Also KR TECH supplied Sextupole magnets(52 sets) and Klystron magnets(10sets) for Pohang Accelerator Laboratory as a PLS-Ⅱ project in Korea 2010. 

KR TECH. Particle Accelerator Magnet

① Quadrupole magnet

Klystron magnets  1 Quadrupole magnet
1,000 x 460 x 907mm
 Field Double Gradient : 23 T/m 
 Bore radius : 40mm 
 Geometrical pole length : 300mm

② Sextuploe magnet

700 x 154 x 800mm
 Field Gradient : 300 T/m²
Bore radius : 47mm 
 Geometrical pole length : 70mm

③ Sextuploe magnet for PAL

Size : 900mm x 770mm x 280mm,
 Max. field gradient : 550 T/m²
Bore radius : 39mm
 Geometrical pole length : 180mm 
 Quantity : 52 sets,
 We delivered them to Pohang

④ Kltstron magnets

Size : 1m(H) x 0.58m(Dia.)
 20A, 200V, 1.4Kgauss
 Quantity : 8 sets 
The scope of delivery includes 2D and 3D magnetic field calculations, mechanical design as well as full mechanical, electro-mechanical and magnetic verification of the magnets. 

KR TECH. Particle Accelerator Magnet  1

The effective magnetic length of the magnet was determined by Hall probe measurements at entrance and at exit of the magnets. The magnetic length of the multipole magnet was determined by mapping the field with a Hall probe. 

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