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Product Name Low Carbon Steel Wire
Series Low carbon steel wire
Product Description


Made by drawing of

Low Carbon Steel Wire Rod, Low Carbon Steel Wire is widely used as a material of annealed wire, wire mesh, coated steel wire and etc. Also, it is used as a reinforcement in concrete, fume pipe and concrete pile.
To manufacture best product, KOSTEEL uses high quality Low Carbon Steel Also, process and quality of the product arecontrolled by strict application of ISO and KS.

* Wire drawing : metalworking process used to control the diameter of a wire by drawing the wire


Mertis of Low Carbon Steel Wire

1. Outstanding machineability

2. Customized production based on various steel grades

3. Soft and tough product with excellent ductility and toughness

4. Fast delivery with diversified small-quantity production system


Manufacturer : Pohang plant 2

Capacity : 70,800 tons/yr

Certification status :
- Koran (Korea )Industrial Standard (KS) : KSD3552
- Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE)
- Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS)
- ISO9001



Commercial-quality steel wireSteel wire for nailsStandard weight
Dimension(㎜)Tensile strengthDimension(㎜)Tensile strength1COIL(kg)


KOSTEEL Low Carbon Steel Wire


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