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Product Name Snowplow for Runways
Model KAM-SS92/SS97
Series Products
Product Description

Models and specifications

Model KAM-SS92 KAM-SS97
Operational method Mechanical Hydraulic
Equipment Size 15500 x 4950 x 3010mm 9450 x 2440 x 2100mm
Moving method Towing Towing
Snow removal width 3800mm 3400mm
Broom size ¢915 x 4410(mm) ¢1160 x 4500(mm)
Working angle 30° (LH,RH) 40° (LH,RH)
Air blower Air volume 500㎥/mim 350㎥/mim
Air pressure 600mmAq 500mmAq



A device that removes snow on airport runways for safer takeoffs and landings of flights during the wintertime, and operated brushes and air blowers when towing.



* Brushes can be changed in minimal time 
* Clearing long distance is available by tractor towing. 
* Perfect removal of snow in grooves or on inclined roads is possible. 
* Remaining snow can be removed by an air blower. 
* A portable device can control the equipment. 
* Either right or left direction control is possible when removing the snow.

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