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Product Name MBF (Micro Bellows Filter)
Series RF Products
Product Description


Suitable for Small Cell Solution
- As assembled on the PCB available, big obstacles of Massive MIMO (Multi input multi output) such as price, consumption of power, size, and weight figured out.


Stable performance secured and mass production available
-Stable performance secured and mass production available as auto tuning of the filter with equipment automation.


Excellent PIMD performance secured
-No tuning screw used for frequency adjustment, PIMD, which occurred by discontinuous contact, minimized as making the item with KMW's owen metal joint method called Termination Technology.


Excellent Insertion Loss, Spurious, & Power Handling secured
-Excellent performances of Insertion loss & spurious presented compared to Ceramic Filter which is used to assemble in the existing PCB -MBF be a high power product with max 10W while average power of normal ceramic filter is about 1W.

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