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Product Name Slat Conveyor
Series FA System
Product Description

▶ Slat Conveyor

    Slat conveyor is a conveyor that connects a wooden (apition, plywood) or metal (steel, stainless) slat to a 1-column or 2-column chain. As it has stable transport condition and firm structure, it is used for diverse purposes such as processing and assembly lines at automotive and electronic manufacturing plants and is most appropriate for transport of objects. 

→ When an attachment with necessary shape is attached on top of slat, it can be transported in slope. 

→ If necessary auxiliary devices (turn table) can be attached to rotate the object to necessary positions from designated place. 

→ The main body of conveyor can be moved to necessary place by attaching a caster depending on the use, and it can be used to load and unload boxes and bags. 

→ This is also widely used for transportation on rapid slopes where belt conveyor cannot be used. 

→ It offers highest variety as it can be assembled with other tools needed for work or changed.


→ Wood slat conveyor 
    Wood (apition, plywood) slat is used to transport relatively light objects at electronic plants. 

→ Steel slat conveyor 
    Steel slat is used to transport heavy objects at automobile and paper plants. 

→ Portable slat conveyor 

   Wood or steel slat is used with caster to move between places, and a vertical transport (up-down) device is installed for loadng and unloading. 

→ Curve slat conveyor 

   Wood or steel slat is used to return objects at 90˚ or 180˚ as required by lay-out.

 Example of application 

 KM Tech Slat Conveyor KM Tech Slat Conveyor  1KM Tech Slat Conveyor  2

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