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Product Name Bale Clamp
Series Forklift
Product Description


Function : Bale Clamp is the most widely used forklift workingequipment. Bale Clamp is used for transporting baled productssuch as cotton, wool, cloth, waste paper etc. Bale Clamp allowpallet-less handling. It can be used by attaching the rubberwhen consumers need.
The version is characterized by its reinforcing ribs which, at the base, are as thick as the arm carrier.

Selection Point : - Material Type and Width×Length×Height
- Material Weight & Quantity at a Carriage
- Size (Thickness×Length×Height) & Opening_Closing Range (Maximum - Minimum) of Arm(side wing)
- Operating Style of Arm (Shift Style, Basic Style, Independent Arm Style, Rotating Style)
- Worksite Characteristics
- Whether or not clamp work and general fork work are combined

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