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Product Name AC Power Packs for Car Lifts
Product Description


1ph & 3ph Power Packs to 16LPM and 280bar.
For 2post lifts, 4post lifts, wheel alignment lifts etc…

Our power units utilize 4 Pole motors which operates at lower RPMs resulting in lower noise, less vibration, and prolonged service life when compared to typical a 2 Pole motors.



ㆍMade in Korea Quality

ㆍConsistent Performance and Reliability

ㆍLow Noise and Low Vibration

ㆍExtremely Low Defect Rates

ㆍCompetitive Pricing

ㆍCustomized Hydraulic Solutions (Modular System)



JND Hydraulics AC Power Packs for Car Lifts


1ph & 3ph AC Power Packs to 16LPM and 280bar.
AC Power Packs for Car Lifts. JND’s made in Korea hydraulic power packs offer superior performance and competitive prices.

With JND’s modular hydraulic power units, each power pack can be tailored to specific work applications and requirements by offering a wide range of pump sizes, oil tank shapes, and valves. We also offer the option for horizontally- or vertically-mounted power packs.
ISO 9001:2008/ ISO 14002:2004/ CE



Motor 4P 3PH 1.5Kw 50Hz
Pump 4.8cc/rev
Oil Tank 11Liter
Solenoid Cartridge Valve Nomal close
Relief Valve Setting 200bar
Modular Elements No


Order Code
– JP01-2T407A-C6Z-48-T110-03G-EC06-G

– For 2Post car lifts etc…

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