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Welcome to the website of JinYoung TBX Co., Ltd. Since our company have been founded in 1982, we have gone forward gradually on the strength of our customer's satisfaction and our proven reliability.

Even though we are just a small company in this rapidly changing global business environment, we are ready to share our customer's hardships or difficulties any time and anywhere.

Our workers are not just persons who manufacture just ordinary products.

They are performing artists oriented toward a technopia culture with their craftsmanship and innovative spirit.

We are not aiming at the superficial growth, which is commonly seen and required in the high tech industry.

What we are truly pursuing is trust from customers and pride in the knowledge that our products are not just the end result of automatic processes, but rather the outcome of the endless efforts we are making to produce world-class products.

As the creativity of man is endless, so is our continual effort to impress our customer through technologies.  

We promise that we will meet every need of our customers with products of utmost quality and high precision that will result from our endless investment in R&D and accumulated technologies whenever and wherever. We really appreciate your support. 

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Company Address 501, Nammyeon-ro, Seongsan-gu, Changwon-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, Korea