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Product Name Type C for contaminated and waste water cut
Series Vacuum self-priming pump
Product Description

▶ Vacuum Self-Priming Pump Type C for contaminated and waste water cut Invention Patent, New Design for Practical Use, Design registered product It blocks filth with the cutter attached by a special design of impeller(invention patented), is easy to install and adjust the intake length freely due to the fact that it has no main axle, and is easy to repair semi-permanently.




Mine, chemical industry, petroleum industry, paper making industry, food industry, salt manufacture, iron mill, refinery, thermoelectric power plant, coal mining, cement industry, ceramics, construction industry, stone-quarrying industry, general industry


Application and characteristic features

Application of vacuum self-priming pump (for sewage/waste water) c-type
chemical industry Filter sedimentary deposits, milk of lime, deliquescent salt, and slurry treatments, waste liquid treatment, filter, water supply for press and sedimentary tanks and limestone treatment
the petrochemical industry Treatments for chemical liquids, slurry and waste
paper industry Process solution, liquid pulp transfer, transfer, slurry and waste water treatment
food industry Slurry, chemical transport, waste liquid treatment, fuller earth transport for edibleoil
sugar industry Carbon fluid , slurry, refinery back levee
iron mill and smelter Cokes fast cooling fluids, casting recovery treatment, slurry, water supply for sedimentary tanks, coating liquid, waste water treatment
fired power plant Ash treatment, condenser inflow sand, water supply fluid treatment, waste water treatment, filtered water treatment, limestone treatment
metal industry Ore dressing, sediment transferring, filter press, pier waste water treatment, sediment transferring, iron sand mining
coal-ming Coal, coal waste water, and coal
cement industry Cement treatment, earth and sand treatment, and coal dust
water supply and drainage water supply and drainage
construction Aggregate plant, sand plant, earth and sand treatment, water drainage treatment
manufacturing industries in general Treatments for abrasion process fluid, paint, slurry, waste water, corrosion fluids, abrasive binder and other sand treatments
Application of vacuum self-priming pump (for sewage/waste water) feathers of c-type
  • As contaminated water and materials and sludge, which have been sucked by the vacuum power, discharges after being cut/blocked at impeller and casing, there is no clogging on delivery pipe and pump
  • It is dubbed 'Vacuum Self-Priming Pump' because, due to its unique liquid-ring design, it not only operates continuously just through air-suction once it is initially filled with water inside the pump, but also produces a strong self-absorbing power( 9.2. meters of self-absorbing height based on normal temperature pressure for cleaning) for a self-absorbing feed of fluids mixed with air, high viscous fluids, and fluids with low specific gravity (KSB 6305: tested by test and inspection method of self-absorbing centrifugal pump)
  • As it is very strong against cavitation and becomes completely a mechanical seal type, it displays an innovative function in fluid feeding and pressure feeding of volatile liquid, high-temperature liquid, bubble liquid, condensate water and drawing inside vacuum tank
    (occurrence of an absorbing vacuum level by 750 mmHG and feeding to the temperature of 180˚C)
  • It can be used in safety without any water leakage by countercurrent flow during the suspension on idle pump, which is caused by lack in absorbing air and transportation liquid of delivery pipe at absorbing axle, or any pulsation or vibration of delivery axle ( No food valve, which is installed on absorbing axle, is necessary).
  • Suction and discharge can be switched for use depending upon the change in the rotation direction of moving part(direction of motor rotation), and cooling device and steam jacket can be produced.
Product Function
  • possible operation of air suction after being initially filled with water inside the pump.
  • a unique vacuum design
  • suction vacuum level of 750 mm Hg
  • possible feeding temperature of 350℃
  • change in intake and discharge depending upon the rotation direction of moving part.
  • strong self-absorbing power ( the maximum self-absorbing height of 9.2 meters based on normal temperature pressure of clean water)
Comparison of Performance and Characteristics between Vacuum Self-Priming Pump Type C
for contaminated and waste water cut and Submersible Pump
performance classification, product name vacuum self-priming pump type C
(for contaminated and waste water cut)
submersible cutter pump type C submersible vertical sump pump
① Feeding slurry/dirty water or filth In case of suction of dirty water, filth and sludge, all materials sucked to the inside pump are discharged after being cut/blocked(there is no clogging of the materials on impeller) Sludge, dirty water or filth is clogged during its inflow or gives damages on impeller or casing, which leads to malfunctioning of pump or no operation of cutter. The suction of sludge makes it impossible to use pump and, the inflow of dirty water or filth gives a severe damage on impeller or casing.
② Service Temperature 350℃ normal temperature normal temperature
③ Management after Installation In case of the suction of dirty water or filth, the complete cutting/block enables impeller and casing to operate smoothly, and the disassembly and assembly by releasing casing volts without any separation of suction and discharge pipes make maintenance and repair simple. As the pump itself submerges in water, it needs be lifted up for repair in case of its disorder, has a risk of electric shock, and its disassembly and assembly gets very complicated. In case of disorder of or repair for pump, it is lifted up from the water and its disassembly and assembly is complicated.
④ Level of Recognition As there are some difficulties in repair and management of submersible pump, which are used in wastewater treatment facilities, due to clogging by the inflow of foreign materials/filth, many work places including Korea Water Resources Corporation, POSCO, Kolon Construction Co., Samsung Engineering & Construction Co., and Daewoo Engineering & Construction Co. have replaced it with vacuum self-priming pump. It is generally used in waste water treatment facilities. It is generally used in waste water treatment facilities with low height
⑤ Characteristics Thanks to a vacuum suction by the pump itself, it can operate continuously even with a sucking operation with air. By sucking to front casing and impeller with a gap tolerance of 3mm, it cuts and blocks completely the filth or waste materials, and feeding with suction and suction with air leaves no materials on discharge pipe lines, which is also effective in feeding chemicals. It is suitable for high head or to transport the water under ground on the ground Its characteristics is similar to that of submersible pump, but the motor of pump is on the surface of the water.
⑥ Quality of material of product ALL ST 304
(The portion, in which the materials are touched, is manufactured in stainless steel for abrasion of sludge and dirty water/filth).
There are GC 200 and stainless steel. There are GC 200 and stainless steel.
⑦ Characteristics in comparison with product pric - No minor malfunction
- No blocking or clogging of the
- materials inside the pump due to
- its role as cutter during filth
- feeding.
- No need to move pump for
- repair as it has an advantage of
- feeding to land.
- It solves repair expense and
- time, and the user's
- inconvenience in comparison to
- price
There are some inconvenience of being caught of the sludge and filth between impeller and casing, and feeding to land from underwater in case of damages on parts including impeller. The repair cost has a high price tag in comparison to price and the user's time and inconvenience generates in case of repair. After the initial installation on impeller, it is impossible to adjust its height and to feed sludge and filth. The repair cost has a high price tag in comparison to price and the user's time and inconvenience generates in case of repair.
⑧ Other purposes It can be used for collection floating materials on waste water, the role of vacuum cleaner(tank cleaning and removal of the remaining volume), and feeding. It can be played only a role of submersible pump. It can be played only a role of submersible pump.

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