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After establishing ILHUNG in 1976, we have conducted the researches and developments continuously, and manufactured valuable products with our thorough and passionate working spirits, succeeded the spirit of the former CEO Lee, Geon Kook, the founder of ILHUNG. During successfully accomplishing these for a long time, we, at ILHUNG have increased our global competitiveness in the business areas of welding cables and equipments and the devices for safety, and are opening its new future.

With the core competence which we have developed, ILHUNG will carry out our responsibility in a solid manner, and will create values for customers by improving and innovation ourselves continuously based on our management for pursuing the right path, which means keeping our fundamentals and principles, and receving strong trusts from customers. In addition, all of our employees will do their best to assost ILHUNG to jump up to be the most efficient company leading the 21st century in the world by growing up with our customers.

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Company Address 206, Noksansaneopbuk-ro, Gangseo-gu, Busan, Korea