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HUREX is the leading company of South Korea to play a significant role within its electrical power industry. Building customer satisfaction in the course of our management system is fundamental to our company. While improving technology, we initiate responsibility in exceeding through the ideological challenges to break by technological innovation. We specialize in relation to reactors, transformers and resistors in which we are in constan pursuit for supreme quality.

Our production of the highest quality reactors, transformers and resistors has already been recognized by the domestic market. 
Not to mention, the acknowledgment of our quality products from foreign markets as well. We hope to expand our makret where a greater development is anticipated

"A great company produces greater products." With this approach, we embrace a positive determination with an objective to increase competitiveness in the 21st century through research, development, and continuous investmetns. Along with our developmental training process for qualifying manpower and the technical know-how's of our expertise, we are concentrating on advanced technology development through collaboration with our various advanced enterprises.

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Company Address 29, Wonhuyaksu-gil, Sangnok-gu, Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea