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Product Name Refrigerated Air Dryer (High inlet temp)
Model HYD-HT-Series
Series Compressed Air Treatment
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Product Description


1. High performance heat exchanger can remove the condensate properly in the compressed air.

2. The automatic temperature sensor in the built-in cooler can prevent the freeze and save the energy.

3. The built-in after-cooler and filter can save installation space.

4. The built-in pre-filter and line-filter can improve the air quality.

5. You can open and close conveniently the canopy with the one-tough locker.

6. The built-in after-cooler allows max. 80℃ inlet compressed air.

7. Upon request for customer-engineered products
   - for high pressure (9.9kg/cm2 above)
   - Stainless steel material heat exchanger
   - Adding control devices and output signal
   - R404, R407 refrigerant
   - Various electric specification



GSA Refrigerated Air Dryer (High inlet temp) HYD-HT-Series


1. Refrigerant : R134, R22, R404, R407, R410 available.

2. Upon request for customer-engineered products.

3. Above flow rate is based on 60Hz.

4. High pressure product is also available.

5. Bigger model than HYD-100HT is available.

6. The specification can be changed without notice to improve the products.


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