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Since its establishment in 2001, ePore has led the domestic industry in the manufacture of appraisal machines of water treatment filters based on its top-level technology and productive power.  And soon after the company's establishment, ePore quickly developed the reliable testing system for micro-cartridge filter. 

Also In 2005, we hold a patents "Equipment to appraise efficiency of cartridge filter for clean water(Patent No.0470928)" In particular, the appraisal system of water treatment filters was selected as an appraisal machine to evaluate confidence by Korea Institute of Industrial Technology (KITECH). As a results of endless effort, ePore has successfully developed a High Performance cartridge filter which has High Dirt Holding capacity and flow rates simultaneously. 

ePore's IXTUS filter is currently receiving competitive filter around the World, including Asia and Europe. Along with the development of the coreless complextype filters for F & B and Electronic materials use, ePore plans to localize High-Functional filter with high value added and improve environment for users. We will pursue a strategy differentiated from that of large enterprises and make intensive investment in a certain sector, 
while staging prompt and bold marketing and sales promotion activities through B2B networks. "Those who think a small thing as a large one and do their best" gathered at ePore. With such a young venture spirit, ePore will grow to an enterprise doing it's best for a small thing. 

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