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Product Name
Model MRB-C1
Series Cartesian Robot Combination Robot
Product Description

Right angle robot configuration is the combined model made for the convenience of users according to the rectangle coordinates robot’s work section.
C1 Model is 2axis combined configuration and its application is Palletizing , Adhesive, Transfer, Coveyor, Dispensing,Screw tightening, Cutting, vision inspection, Sealing, so on.
▣ A wide operation range
- 100~2,000mm
▣ Available for high load transfer or high speed operation
- 170Kg, 2.5m/s
▣ Excellent location decision ability suitable for high precision transfer
- The degree of precision for repeat locus : ±0.02mm (Option ±0.005mm)

DST Robot  MRB-C1

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