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Product Name Vertical
Model PUMA V8300
Series Turning Centers
Catalog Vertical.pdf
Product Description

The high-power vertical turning center enables high-rigidity and heavy duty cutting for both mid-to-small-sized (12/15-inch chuck) and large (32-inch chuck) parts.


Product Overview

High Productivity Vertical Turning Center features Larger Work Zone

- Large work zone max. turning diameter of Ø 830mm in 15 inch class 

- 60Hp (45kW) high-power spindle motor (optional feature) for improved machining performance 

- Highly reliable servo-driven turret that maintains highest level of accuracy and reliability during long periods of operation 

- Slant-type base and improved flushing function for enhanced chip disposal and ergonomic OP Panel design with adjustable height 


Doosan Machine Tools Vertical PUMA V8300

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