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Product Name Booster Controller 747D Controller
Series VFD & Controllers
Catalog Booster Controller 747D Controller.pdf
Product Description

· Motor Power   0.75kW ~ 75kW 

· Input Power   3 x 220V/380V/440V 

· Main Frequency   50/60Hz 

· External Comm.   RS485, Internet 



The 747D-Controller is a multi-pump controller designed to control and monitor up to six identical pumps connected in parallel for pressure boosting systems.
The 747D-Controller consists of a frequency inverter, a PID-controller and all necessary components such as main switch, contactors in one compact cabinet.
The primary role of the 747D-Controller is to control the number of pumps in operation, as well as the speed of the individual pumps, in order to adjust the performance of the system to variations in demand.
Various features of 747D-Controller such as automatic cascade control, forced pump changeover and dry-running protection help to increase the system reliability, energy efficiency and decrease downtime and cost-consuming maintenance.



Pressure boosting systems

Water supply systems

Irrigation systems

Water treatment systems

Fire fighting systems

Industrial plants



Automatic adjustment of the pump performance to varying demands
Constant discharge pressure
Multi-pump capability up to 6 pumps
Single frequency inverter available
Electrical and hydraulic pump protections
LCD display for system information
Small compact design



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