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Product Name Submersible Drainage Pump
Model NDS B-M(A)
Series Submersible Drainage Pump
Catalog Submersible drainage pump NDS B-M(A).pdf
Product Description

· MAX. Flow(Q)   550 liter/min 

· MAX. Head(H)   21m 

· Operat. Pres.   Max. 16bar 

· Motor Power   0.4kW~1.5kW 

· Available Power   1PH 220V/50Hz 



NDS-B-M(A) pump is the submersible drainage pump of high-performance at high pump head, and easy to maintenance.


※ Automation performance:

   - “A" indicates : Automatic submersible drainage pump

   - Without “A" indicates : Semi-automatic submersible drainage pump



Normal drainage (objects smaller than the diameter of strainer holes inclusive)

Sewage disposal / combination disposal

Fountain / Waterfalls for decoration

Agriculture / Horticulture

Machine room / Sanitation underground floor

Underground floor


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