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Product Name Horizontal Multistage Pump
Model DHF(T) Series
Series Horizontal Pump
Product Description

· MAX. Flow(Q)   13㎥/h 

· MAX. Head(H)   80m 

· Operat. Pres.   Max. 10bar 

· Motor Power   0.75kW ~ 2.9kW (1HP ~ 4HP) 

· Available Power   1x220-240V, 3x220-240V/380-415V 50Hz, 1x220-240V, 3x220-240V/380-415V 60Hz  



DHF(T) are non-self priming, horizontal and multistage pump. The DHF pump are designed for the needs of commercial and industrial application. The DHF pumps consist of mechanical seal, shaft and axial suction, radial discharge. A little corrosion resistance, material of wet parts is stainless steel. 


※ Inlet/Outlet casing material 

   - "T" indicates : GCD450

   - Without "T" indicates : Stainless steel



Pressure boosting systems

Water treatment

Cooling system

Irrigation system

Sprinkler system

Industrial water supply system

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