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Product Name Inverter Pump
Model SQ-2DHF(T) Series
Series Small Size Booster System
Product Description

· MAX. Flow(Q)   58㎥/hr 

· MAX. Head(H)   55m 

· Motor Power   0.55~1.5kW (0.75~2HP) 

· Available Power   1PH 200~230V/50&60Hz dooch



SQ-DHF(T) pumps are built on the basis of DHF pumps. The main difference between the DHF and the SQ-DHF(T) pump is the variable frequency drive.  

Enhanced with the SQ-Drive, SQ-DHF(T) pump together with the appropriate sensor is turned into an intelligent, variable speed pumping system.  

The SQ-Drives adjust the motor speed which in turn provides constant pressure or differential pressure to the flow rate. 


※ Inlet/Outlet casing material

   - "T" indicates : GCD450

   - Without "T" indicates : Stainless steel



Pressure boosting systems

Domestic water supply systems

Cooling Systems

Air-conditioning systems

Small Industrial water supply systems

Horticultural irrigation system



Each pump are individually controlled by SQ drive.

High reliability (Multi-master control)

Constant discharge pressure

Reduced tank and panel size

Less wear of the system during operation

Compact assembly and installation

High reliability

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