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Product Name Metal O-ring
Model ALS 1545
Series Specialized Product
Product Description


Metal O-Ring is processed in such a way forming the stainless pipewith good heat-resistance and anti-corrosion in a certain type, grindingthe surface after welding according to both surface and then processingthe surface with different materials depending on requirements.Due to low tightening torgue, this O-Ring has the excellent capabilitywith high temperature, high pressure and high vacuum as it can beused for complex surface condition as well.



Wide range of working temperature. Because it is made of stainless steel it can be used from extremely low temp to high temp up to 700.

Wide range of working pressure. It can be used even at ultra high pressure and ultra vacuum condition exceeding 2,000kgf/㎠.

Extremely lowand available with low space, so compact design is possible.

Good chemical-resistance.

Production of corrugated type and other special types is available.


Main Use

O-Ring for Static Seal is used for vacuum units, Cryostats, Compressed container for LPG, High temp engine components, High pressure extruders,Equipment for nuclear power plant and other equipments for space development and marine development.

The O-Ring will cause restoring forcewhen the pressure is increased making balance between the ring insideand fluid pressure as shown in the left picture for high pressure because it has a small groove in several placesof the ring inside and outside.Good for high pressure rather than basic type. Normally it is used at 70kgf/㎠or above.

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