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Product Name Para Aramid Packing
Model ALS 640K
Series Mechanical Packing
Product Description


DONGSUH ALS640K is the wear-resistant packing produced by Dongsuh's unique braided know-how and impregnated technology with PTFE and special heat-resistant lubricant on para-aramid fiber. ALS640K has effect to prevent the sleeve and shaft from contamination or stain and it is designed to have endurable pressure, temperature, chemical-resistance and wear-resistance for all parts.ALS640K is most advantageous for slurry in the liquid rather than other ordinary packings due to the high tensile strength, so it is suitable to liquid pump with serious wearing slurries.



Centrifugal pump, reciprocating pump and rotation pump




Technical Data

Temp limit 500。F (260℃)
Chemical-resistant pH 1-13
Pressure limit 300PSI (20bar)
Speed 2000FPM (10m/s)

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