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Product Name Thermal Energy Meter
Model MULTICAL 601
Series Thermal Energy Meter
Catalog MULTICAL.pdf
Product Description

MULTICAL® 601 is a thermal energy meter with many applications. In addition to being a precise and reliable heat meter for battery or mains operation, MULTICAL® 601 is also used for: 

ㆍ Cooling measurement in water-based systems 
ㆍ Bifunctional heat/cooling measurements in separate registers
ㆍ Leak surveillance of hot and cold-water installations 
ㆍ Power and flow limiter with valve control · Data logger
ㆍ Data communication 
ㆍ Energy measurement in open systems



Approval PTB 22.52/05.04, PTB 22.55/05.01, TS 27.01/155
Standard EN 1434:2004 and OIML R75:2002
EU directives Measuring Instrument Directive, Low Voltage Directive,
Electromagnetic Compatibity Directive
Temperature range θ: 2°C?80°C
Differential range ΔΘ: 3 K?70 K
Accuracy EC ± (0.5 + ΔΘ min/ΔΘ) %
Temperature sensors -Type 67-A Pt100 - EN 60 751, 2-wire connection
-Type 67-B og 67-D Pt500 - EN 60 751, 4-wire connection
Temperature sensor Type 67-C Pt500 - EN 60 751, 2-wire connection
Compatible flow sensor type Compatible flow sensor types -ULTRAFLOW®
-Electronic meters with an active 24 V pulse output
-Mechanical meters with an electronic pick-up unit
-Mechanical meters with a Reed switch
Flow sensor sizes [kWh] qp 0.6 m3/h…15 m3/h
[MWh] qp 0.6 m3/h…1500 m3/h
[GJ] qp 0.6 m3/h … 3000 m3/h
EN 1434 designation Environmental class A and C
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