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Product Name Robot for Industrial Training
Model KSS-1500
Series Robot
Product Description

Touch & Feel

- Unique Solution to learn by touching and Feeling Robot mechanism through a series of assembling and disassembling

- High Durability to  Repetitive Assembling and Disassembling




- Various program languages depending trainees grade : SLIM-based Graphic and/or Text language, ANSI-C language, etc

- A Priori Evaluation using simulator before running robot

- Experience How to integrate peripheral Devices and sensors with robot controller

- Industry oriented curriculum



KSS-1500 (Korea Standard SCARA)

d.o.f 4 d.o.f
Arm stroke 400mm(200+200)
Z stroke 121mm
Disassembly rate 90%
repeatability ± 0.03mm
Working space 1axis -120~+120˚
2axis -115~+115˚
3axis 0~121mm
4axis -160+160˚
Actuator BLDC with encoder
Payload 1.0kg
Weight 20kg


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