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Product Name Speed Control Clutch & Brake Motor
Series AC Small Geared Motor & Gearhead
Product Description

Speed Control Clutch & Brake Motor
- Suitable for high frequent start and stop operation
- Stop in 0.1 sec. when switched off
- Overrun: 1 time
- Possible for reverse rotation

Speed Control Motor allows you to easily set and adjust the speed of the motor by using Speed Controller.

Suitable for High-frequency Operation
An internal clutch & brake mechanism for use with a gearhead is employed in DKM Clutch & Brake Motor.
 By the combination of a constantly rotating induction motor and a clutch and brake unit, the function of frequent start/stop, positioning, indexing, jogging and incremental feeding is available.

Characteristics of C.B Motor
DKM C.B Motor is designed for the quicker response time and higher torque to move the load. 
 To meet high-frequency, starting and stopping applications, DKM uses a induction motor for its continuous duty rating. So Clutch & Brake Motor is not suitable for frequent bi-directional starting and stopping motion but suitable for uni-directional movement. 


DKM Motors Speed Control Clutch & Brake Motor

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