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DESCO INC. established designing and buiding full-hydraulic, long stroke, top head drive drill rigs in 1988.

We manufacture a complete line of water well drill rigs, exploration drill rigs, multi-purpose drill rigs, horizontal direction drill rigs & drilling accessories.

We are committed to manufacturing the highest quality, most durable and dependable drills in the industry.

The company continually drives innovation in the design process leading to the development of the industry's most technologically advanced drilling equipment.

Today, we can total service for full product of drilling included training.

DESCO's rigs have earned a reputation for rugged dependability and low maintenance.

That's why they are built on a foundation of experienced hydraulic system and we support excellent workmanship and the high standard of its service.

Our high-pressure hydraulics systems provide big performance in compact packages.

And the flexibility provided by needs including rotary, diamond, RC, auger, top head percussion & down-the-hole hammer drilling.

With quality, affordability and knowledgeable customer service, DESCO INC. continues to offer new rig variations and new rig models to satisfy customer and developing market demands.

Everybody is looking for the drilling equipment with high quality and low price.

If you want the kind of drill rigs, DESCO INC. is at your solution and service.

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