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BFS Co., Ltd. Bonnet   BFS Co., Ltd. Bonnet  1

Standard Bonnet / Plain Bonnet

The standard BFS Globe & Angle valve bonnet is constructed of the same material as the body and handles temperature up to 400℃ in class 150-600 body designs and 427 ℃ in class 900-2500 body designs.

BFS Co., Ltd. Bonnet  2  BFS Co., Ltd. Bonnet  3

Extension Bonnet

The extended bonnet protects the packing from excessive heat, which may inhibit valve performance.
Carbon steel constructions can withstand temperature up to 427℃ and 316 stainless steel cnfigurations can withstand temperat-ures from -100℃ to 816℃.

BFS Co., Ltd. Bonnet  4  BFS Co., Ltd. Bonnet  5

Long Extension Bonnet / Cryogenic Service

The BFS Globe & Angle style, single seat, top entry automatic control valve with a fabricated extension for cold box cryogenic applications to -218℃. 
Globe bodies are constructed of bronze or austenitic stainless steel for high impact strength at low temperature and minimum heat transfer.

BFS Co., Ltd. Bonnet  6  BFS Co., Ltd. Bonnet  7

Bellows Seal Bonnet 

Wasted material, employee safety, environmental concerns and EPA regulations: all good reasons for today's plant operations to be concerned about fugitive emissions from hazardous processes. To stop packing leakage from control valves, BFS offers the Welding-Metal-Bellows-Seal control valves.

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