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Product Name Best Perfrect Mill
Model B.T.F.M Series
Series Chemical Machine
Product Description

BEST CHEMICAL MACHINE Best Perfrect Mill B.T.F.M Series

- It has been specially designed for wet grinding and dispersion process in the nanometer range.

- It is able to use grinding media with diameter ø0.5~ø2.0.

- There are three discharging system. Disk Screen (by rotary motion), Fixed Screen and GAB which are optional according to application.

- The speed control of axis is available by means of frequency inverter with the range 0 ~ 3,000RPM depending on model.

- Inlet pump speed controllable system protects empty rotating of axis.

- The Best Perfect Mill has been equipped with a mechanical-seal for the first time in Korea from 1989.
  It has solved with the product leak out problem completely.

- It is designed for cooling water to circulate from edge of axis to pin-drum inside.
  This highly efficient cooling system enables to increase axis turning speed and provides excellent product separator dispersion

- Pin is made of tungsten carbide so its durability is semi-permanent.

- The inside of grinding chamber’s vessel is made of special alloy steel with heat treatment so Its durability is very long.
  And the sleeve of vessel is designed to be able to change when it’s not available to be used any longer, so it’s very reasonable for customers.

- Best Perfect Mill is registered with patent No. 10-0727029 at The Patent Office of Korea.

- Optional available for explosion protection.

- Application: It is suitable for gravure printing, paint, dye-stuff, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and other chemical products in nanometer range.